what participants say
about the program

"It was very helpful. I learned tools to use and how to express myself better and communicate better."

"Loved the curriculum! Awesome information. Thank you very much."

"Positive feelings throughout the whole class."


Master Gunnery Sergeant Jose A. Reyna Jr., US Marine Corps

“During my twenty-five years of service I have had the opportunity to attend several marriage encounters/retreats but to date the “Marriage Management” seminar that was hosted by Bob and Barbara Zielinski was the best. Bob and Barbara demonstrated an outstanding grasp of the subject matter and motivated all the couples to engage in healthy conversation. Their leadership and experience motivated us to feel comfortable and at ease.

The marriage coping techniques introduced were clear and easily applied allowing all those involved to look clearly at themselves and how the behavior in question affected those around us. Working with Bob and Barbara was a pleasure; the site selected allowed for limited distractions, allowing couples the opportunity to address deep issues, either hidden or ignored. I learned so much in the session that I find myself applying the techniques in everyday situations. It isn't perfect, but now I have solid methods that allow me to address virtually any subject with my wife. Our relationship continues to grow and improve every day. Bob and Barbara’s hard work gave all the couples in attendance the tools needed to improve any relationship.

The Military Marriage Enrichment is an impressive and powerful day that enlightens all of us present; we all gained so much insight on ourselves as individuals and how that transfers into our relationship. The guidance throughout the session was comforting and truly appreciated. I couldn’t believe how much we covered during the session and never would have thought of many of the subjects that Bob and Barbara addressed. It was like they were able to provide a piece of a puzzle that had been missing. Finding this piece made things fall in perspective and helped all of us see the bigger picture.

Marriage Management’s seminar will do many things for couples but my biggest take-away is that during this period you will gain more skills and techniques for your toolkit and a plan to help your marriage succeed. I learned more than I was willing to admit but the reality is I now apply these same tools to all areas of my life. I am learning to say what I am feeling instead of keeping things bottled up and just assuming people know how I feel. I highly recommend Bob and Barbara’s “Military Marriage Enrichment” session. Things may seem simple in nature but relationships are complex and often turbulent. Bob and Barbara get it and understand the complex side of relationships and help give you the tools for success.”

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