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"It was very helpful. I learned tools to use and how to express myself better and communicate better."

"Loved the curriculum! Awesome information. Thank you very much."

"Positive feelings throughout the whole class."


Sergeant Tracy Reep, Texas Army National Guard (RET)

“In early 2005, after many months of struggle to communicate and re-assimilate as a couple and a family, my wife Elizabeth and I started to look for marriage counseling support. Initially we went the conventional route, and started seeing a marriage and family counselor. Although this helped us to understand each others concerns and frustrations better it did not provide us the tools we needed for everyday existence as a couple.

In late spring while at church, Elizabeth noticed an ad in the weekly bulletin regarding a Marriage Enrichment weekend program. We looked into it and decided it might serve to augment to the marriage counseling we were already receiving.

In July 2005 we attended our enrichment weekend. The corresponding events took us on a journey that we could not have paid all the money in the world for, the journey of renewal, not only for ourselves but for each other. We weaved through emotional mine fields that at anytime could have resulted in a “man down” distress call. The process that the weekend availed is a process that we still use today, one in which where we have a conscious choice to make about ourselves and each other everyday. The only problem before our weekend was that we didn’t have the tools to ensure that we muddled our way back to True Love, Respect and Understanding. We were then, and still are today, enriched by the marriage enrichment process. Today we humbly serve as living examples that if the process is practiced, practiced and practiced again it can provide a marriage with the means to conquer any obstacle.

Elizabeth and I are honored to have the opportunity to “set on the couch” and openly discuss the positive impact Military Marriage Enrichment made in our marriage. This process serves to remind us of its importance in ensuring our marriage stays on track and allows us to assimilate our experience with other servicemen and servicewomen, and their spouses. A mission we are committed to for the rest of our lives.”

Tracy Reep is a service-disabled veteran (retired) from the Texas Army National Guard. On November 11th, 2003, while stationed in Northwest Baghdad, in an area known as the Sunni Triangle, Tracy was pulling security on a convoy to a fuel farm about 20 miles NW of their main base when his unit was ambushed. The group of insurgents initiated the ambush with Improvised Explosive Devices (IED’s), small arms fire and Rocket Propelled Grenades (RPGs). Shortly after taking up a firing position against the insurgents, an RPG entered Tracy’s vehicle and exited where he was standing. Tracy took the blast to his left hand (amputating his ring and small fingers), elbow, shoulder and face (losing vision in his left eye). After eight months of rehabilitation and therapy at Brooke Army Medical Center Tracy was retired from the Army and was able to return home to his wife and two sons.

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