what participants say
about the program

"It was very helpful. I learned tools to use and how to express myself better and communicate better."

"Loved the curriculum! Awesome information. Thank you very much."

"Positive feelings throughout the whole class."


Jay Fondren, SSG US Army (RET)

“Anne and I both got so much out of the Military Marriage Enrichment/Marriage Encounter weekend. Our relationship was pretty strong going into the weekend; however we both had issues and concerns that we were unable to voice since I was wounded in Iraq.

Over the weekend we began to see that we both wanted the same things we were just saying them in a different way. We had been communicating in ways that hurt each others feelings even though we never yelled and "fought" our choice of words and the way we used them would turn the other one off. On our own we were unable to break down the defensive walls we were putting up.

The skills we learned over the weekend allowed us to come face to face and heart to heart with the issues both seen and hidden that were driving their way into our relationship. The good news is that we were able to close the gaps in our relationship, devise a plan for conquering our challenges and were unified in our desires when we left.

Bob and Barbara's program equipped us with the tools we needed to fill in the cracks, with better communication and sensitivity toward each other feelings. Since the weekend our relationship has continued to stay strong we are now able to communicate in a way that presents our feelings as well as what we are saying.

We hope that other military couples will be able to experience this encounter as it will draw them closer together.”

Jay became the victim of an Improvised Explosive Device while on patrol with three other military members in Iraq 23 Nov 04. The device exploded and Jay took the majority of the impact, yet did not fail to check on his troops before losing consciousness. His soldiers administered first aid and got him to Baghdad. Jay lost both legs in the blast and sustained injuries to his right hand and both arms.

He and his wife, Anne, attended the Military Marriage Enrichment given by Marriage Management Consultants in October 2006.

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