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September 2011
Bob and Barbara meet Admiral and Mrs. Mike Mullen

The Directors of Marriage Management, Bob and Barbara Zielinski were in attendance at the 2011 Newmanís Own Award Ceremony to honor this yearís winners. We were honored to have a moment to talk with Admiral Mike Mullen, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. He thanked us for our work with the military and encouraged us to continue this work in the face of so many more who will be returning from deployment. Adm. Mullen told us the real challenge for military families is yet to come, that is dealing with reintegration into family and society and that projects like ours are very needed.

We also had the privilege of talking with Mrs. Deborah Mullen, Adm. Mullenís wife, who was a judge for the Newmanís Own awards and selected us for last yearís award. She complemented the Military Marriage Enrichment Project and told us we were ranked very high for this yearís competition as well and, like her husband, gave us incentive to continue helping military families.

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