what participants say
about the program

"Great techniques were given
to help with building
a stronger relationship."

"They use actual real life scenario to backup the material and
instead of just talking at us they talked with us, did exercises that help reinforce the lesson."


Marriage Management is proud to be affiliated or associated with the following organizations:

Camp C.O.P.E. is an award-winning therapeutic camp experience that strives to help the children of service members cope with the transitions and/or trauma they are facing in response to the deployment or injuries sustained by their soldiers. Marriage Management provides a relationship class for the parents of the children at each camp.

ANTHEM Strong Families provides education and skills that teach individuals how to be the Champion for families and children.

Healthy Marriage Healthy Families Coalition of Tarrant County strengthens marriage and families through healthy relationships.

National Marriage Encounter assists couples to discover their marriage through ongoing mutual trust and dialogue.

Twogether in Texas marriage initiative. Marriage Managementís Military Marriage Enrichment classes equip engaged couples with tools for a healthy marriage and qualify them for marriage license discounts.

Fleet and Family Support Center, Naval Air Station-Joint Reserve Base Fort Worth, Texas. Marriage Management provides regular Military Marriage Enrichment classes for DFW metroplex active and reserve military couples.

Soldier and Family Assistance Center, Fort Hood, Texas. The SFAC is a one-stop location with a team of professionals that provide tailored services that are responsive to the needs of wounded, ill, and injured Soldiers assigned to the Warrior Transition Brigade and their Families. Marriage Management provides Military Marriage Enrichment classes on an as-needed basis.

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